Teaching quality

Glasgow International College maintains the highest standards in teaching quality.

You can be confident in the education you will receive at the College for the following reasons:

  1. A Joint Academic Advisory Board made up of staff from the International College and the University of Glasgow has overall responsibility for academic standards.
  2. We develop our courses in collaboration with the University of Glasgow so that all our international students receive high-quality and comprehensive preparation for their future studies. Our courses focus on the exact subjects, the education and type of material that students will study at the University.
  3. The University of Glasgow regularly checks academic quality at Glasgow International College.

Academic support services

Learning Support Tutor – Your personal advisor

During your course you will meet your Learning Support Tutor once every two weeks in the first term and once every month when you are settled. The Learning Support Tutor’s job is to discuss the progress that you make in class and to encourage you to develop a disciplined, effective study habit ready for the University of Glasgow.

Studying towards a degree: the ultimate goal

We are firmly focused on helping you achieve your ultimate goal: progressing to the University. The College will arrange visits to your chosen department at the University and runs information sessions and activities with University staff. Glasgow International College will also discuss your progression options as your course results become available during your time at the College.

Adjusting to UK higher education

Classes at Glasgow International College are smaller and more personalised than standard UK university lectures, and this will help you to focus your efforts in class. You will get to know your tutor and classmates quickly so that you can feel confident about participating.

Assessments and reports…

You will need to get used to new system of educational assessment while at the College. Assessments will take place throughout your course to monitor and review your personal development. Mid-term reports will be provided, giving written evidence of your progress. These reports will help you to make the most from your studies and see any areas that require improvement.