Pre-Masters for Science and Engineering

Subject outline

The Pre-Masters for Science and Engineering course prepares you for a wide range of postgraduate degree courses at the University of Glasgow. After successfully completing your Pre-Masters course you will progress to studying at the University’s College of Science and Engineering. The course provides you with an intensive and integrated academic education in science and engineering, as well as advanced level English and high-level study skills. There are two pathways to choose from:

  • Biomedical Science
  • Engineering

Entry requirements: engineering or science education

The Pre-Masters pathway is a great way for international graduates to gain entry to the University of Glasgow. In general, to take this course you will need to have completed a minimum of three years of higher education.

Extra English language tuition (Preparatory English) is also available if required.

Progression to the University of Glasgow

Once you complete this Pre-Masters course and gain either a Pre-Masters in Engineering or a Pre-Masters Science education to the level noted in your offer letter, your admission onto a master’s degree in a related subject area is guaranteed.

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Subject modules

Students take seven modules, with one module being weighted double.

One core module

  • Aspects of British Culture and Society

Three core academic skills modules

  • Skills for Study 1, 2 and 3.

Three core subject modules

  • Engineering, Science and Society
  • Research Project (double module)
  • Statistical Design for Science and Engineering Research

* Three term courses contain additional English Language modules. Some two term courses may also include additional English language modules, depending on language level.

Science pathway

Engineering pathway

^ Course subject to approval by the University of Glasgow.

* Course takes place at Dumfries campus.

*** Subject to approval.

Start date

We have various start dates throughout spring, summer and autumn. Please note, the tables below show the start and end dates of term one only. For information on later term dates, please contact one of our Personal Education Planners.

Course length

Courses start at 2 terms, and can go up to 4 terms depending on your academic and English needs.

Academic entry requirements

Entry to the pre-masters course requires you to have an undergraduate degree, equivalent to a UK Ordinary degree.

English language entry requirements

You will need to show proof of English language ability – usually an IELTS or Pearson test (or equivalent Secure English Language Test as shown on the UKVI SELT approved list). A higher IELTS score means your course will be shorter and you can progress to the University more quickly.

Preparatory English

UKVI regulations stipulate that all students must meet the minimum English requirements for postgraduate study in the UK. If you do not meet the requirements (overall or in a single discipline) we can tailor an intensive English preparation course to help you progress onto your Pre-Masters course.

English language level Course Enrolment start date Course length
5.5 in all skills* Pre-Masters 16 Feb 2015 2 terms
4.5 overall with no more than one skill at only 4.0* Pre-Masters (Preparatory English) 09 Feb 2015 4 terms

*All scores are IELTS but any equivalent SELT (as shown on the UKVI SELT approved list) would be acceptable.

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English language level Course Enrolment start date Course length
5.5 in all skills* Pre-Master’s (0.5T Preparatory English) 13-Jul-15 2.5 terms
Minimum of two skills at 5.0 with a minimum of 4.5 in all skills* Pre-Master’s (1T Preparatory English) 01-Jun-15 3 terms
5.0 with no less than 4.5 in any skill* Pre-Master’s (1.5T Preparatory English) 13-Jul-15 3.5 terms
4.5 overall* Pre-Master’s (2T Preparatory English) 01-Jun-15 4 terms

* All scores are IELTS but any equivalent SELT (as shown on the UKVI SELT approved list) would be acceptable.

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Ifeanyi, studying the Pre-Masters for Science and Engineering course at Glasgow

“Before I came to study in the UK I just finished a year of service for my country. I chose the UK to further my education because I wanted to get a qualitative post graduate degree. I found out about GIC through an agent in Nigeria called Preparation for Life (PFL). Also some of the KIC team came to Nigeria with PFL to talk to students who were interested in going to the UK to study. They gave me a lot of information about what I would be studying and what life is like for a student in the UK but I also looked at the prospectus and website too which was also very helpful.

I chose GIC because it is based outside of England and I wanted to try something different. Before I came here for my higher education I really wanted to improve on my skills for studying. I studied the Pre-Masters for Science and Engineering. I really enjoyed the course as I gained a lot of experience in research and study skills. There were also some practical elements of the course which I liked. The teachers taught and delivered the classes really well and made sure we understood everything.

Studying at GIC has definitely made a difference to my life. I have noticed I have developed a critical approach towards life. I have also learnt to overcome my weakness in writing which is what I wanted to achieve. I really enjoyed my experience at GIC. I made a lot of friends and learnt many new things that will help me develop more at university. ”

Ifeanyi Samuel is from Nigeria and studied the Pre-Masters in Science and Engineering at Glasgow International College