Terms and conditions

Welcome to Kaplan International Colleges (“Kaplan”) – your pathway to success at your chosen university.

The following terms and the offer letter, together the “Terms and conditions”, set out the contractual terms between Kaplan and students (“Students”) in relation to English language courses, and/or academic courses and any other Kaplan course (the “Course”).  Students should ensure that they read the Terms and Conditions carefully before signing and submitting their application form to Kaplan.


Application Form and Offer Letter

Students should complete their signed application form and send with the required documentation to a Kaplan representative or a Kaplan office. Details of these can be found at www.kic.org.uk. Students 18 and over must sign to say that they have read and agree with these terms and conditions. The parents or legal guardians of students under 18 must read and sign on their behalf.

Kaplan may accept or reject applications in its absolute discretion. If Kaplan accepts the application, the College will issue a written offer letter setting out the details of the place on a Course to the Student setting out any conditions relevant to the offer (the “Offer Letter”) and including an acceptance form for the Student to confirm their acceptance.

To accept the offer, the Student must complete and return the acceptance form to Kaplan. The Student must either pay a deposit as specified in the Offer Letter (which will be used towards the tuition fees due for the Course) or submit a Financial Guarantee. The amount of the deposit or Financial Guarantee required will be shown in the Offer Letter.

On receipt of the deposit payment or Financial Guarantee and the signed acceptance form, a legally binding agreement with the College is formed. However the place on the Course will be subject to the Student meeting the conditions set out in the Offer Letter and having valid leave to enter and remain in the United Kingdom to study.


Payment and Fees

Tuition fees include tuition and access to the facilities of the College and its partner University, orientation meeting, use of computer room, internet and study facilities, enrolment procedure, progress testing, sitting exams and a Kaplan International Colleges (“KIC”) award on successful completion of the Course.  All fees, charges and accounts are payable in advance. Fees are correct as at the time of printing but Kaplan reserves the right to vary its fees at any time. Payment of each term’s tuition fees will be subject to any increase that may be announced during the Course.

Students are required to pay the tuition fees for the first term and the following term in full at the start of the first term. Any deposit paid by the Student will be deducted from this amount. For those Students on Courses longer than two terms, the Student will pay the tuition fees for the following term at the start of the current term of the Course. For example, the fees for the third term will be due at the beginning of the second term.

Sponsored students must submit the Financial Guarantee from their sponsor to commence their programme of study.


Payments before arrival

Payments can be made by bank transfer, bank drafts and authorised credit card transactions prior to the Student arriving. Students must cover the cost of bank charges to send and receive funds for bank transfers for the initial payments and any subsequent payments. If these charges are not covered by the student at the point of payment, the amount will be deducted from the Student’s deposit. Students are also required to cover the bank charges incurred by Kaplan in refunding any money to a Student.

Payments after arrival

Payments made after the Student has arrived at the College can be made by bank transfer, by cheque (pounds sterling only) and debit and credit card. Credit card payments are accepted only if the cardholder is present with identification.


There will be £30 charge for every credit card payment (£50 for American Express) on all credit card payments over £500. Any credit card payments under £500 will not incur additional charges. When outstanding tuition fees and accommodation costs are being paid by the student and the balance is over £500 then the £500 limit cannot be applied to prevent payments under £500 being made for an outstanding balance.

Students will not normally be permitted to commence or continue a course at the beginning of any term until all outstanding fees, charges or accounts are paid. Kaplan reserves the right to suspend or cancel tuition for the Student and to charge interest on the outstanding balance. Kaplan also reserves the right to withhold any academic results or certificates if fees are owed at the end of the Course.

If it is necessary for a Student to repeat a module, the full module fee will be charged. The amount payable will be advised to the Student and will take account of the teaching hours required for the repeat module.

The amount of any scholarship/bursary provided to a Student as a reduction on the tuition fees on their course will be applied to the fees for the final term of the Course.



All accommodation must be booked using the accommodation booking form as per the advertised dates, unless otherwise advised. Students must select an accommodation option with the correct contract length for the Course they are being offered. It is not possible to change the contract length once the tenancy agreement is signed.

Payment for accommodation is required in advance and payments are structured as below:


Students Payment on booking Payment on arrival at College Payment before start of Term 2
2 Term Students £1,000 including £250 deposit 100% of remainder of the contract price N/A
Preparatory English Students or3 Term Students £1,000 including £250 deposit 67% of remainder of  the contract price The remainder of the contract price


A deposit of 1,000 GBP will be added to the payment required to secure the accommodation of which 250 GBP is a refundable deposit returned at the end of the Course subject to any costs for any damages, exceptional cleaning or fines which have been incurred to the accommodation or to any other premises and/or facilities which are discovered during occupancy or once a final inspection has taken place after the Student’s departure. Kaplan will refund monies owing within 90 days of the Student’s final Course end date. For Students undertaking 4 and 5 term courses, the payment structure will follow the contract that the student selects for their accommodation option.


Kaplan Care insurance

Unless having UK permanent resident status, all students are required to have appropriate travel, accident and medical insurance for the duration of their stay regardless of the length of the course. Students must either take out the KaplanCare insurance policy or provide proof of adequate cover at enrolment. Cover under the KaplanCare insurance policy does not commence until the insurance fees have been paid in full. These fees are only refundable in limited circumstances. Details of what is covered in the KaplanCare insurance policy are available at www.kic.org.uk or from your Kaplan office / representative. The fees for KaplanCare insurance are set out in the Offer Letter if it was requested on the application form.


Refund Policy

Refunds will be made to the bank account from which the original payment was received and the payment will be made in GBP. When a student has opened a UK bank account, refunds to a maximum value of £2,000 during the period the Student is in college may be made to that account. After the £2,000 threshold is reached, any remaining balance is refunded to the bank account from which the original payment of fees was made.


Pre-Registration Refunds

If the contract was entered into between the College and the Student without any face to face contact between the Student and Kaplan or a representative or agent of Kaplan, the contract is a “Distance Contract”.

Students will have the right to cancel and receive a full refund up until the earlier of:

(a)       Seven days has expired after the contract was formed (not including the day the contract was formed); and

(b)       The Student begins their Course.

Save as set out above, tuition fee deposits are non-refundable unless the Student is unable to meet visa entry requirements. Students must provide an official rejection letter to Kaplan to obtain a refund.  However, if the visa refusal letter refers to fraudulent documents being submitted as part of the visa application, Kaplan reserves the right to refuse a refund.

All requests for refunds due to visa refusal must be submitted in writing to the Kaplan Admissions Office.  Requests will normally be processed within 40 working days from receipt of the request including a copy of the visa refusal letter and passport showing both the photograph and signature. Where the payer was not the student, an authority letter from the student authorising the repayment to the payer must also be provided.


Post-Registration Refunds

Payment of tuition fees is non-refundable after the commencement of studies with the exception of the circumstances outlined below. Any students withdrawing from their programme of study will be reported to the UK Home Office and British Embassy/High Commission in their home country.

Written notification of withdrawal from a Course must be given to the College Director. Withdrawals become valid on the day the written notice is received by Kaplan. Students who withdraw from their Course will not be eligible to receive a KIC award.

When determining the amount of the refund, the current term will be counted as a whole term and the following term as a confirmed term. All current and confirmed terms must be paid for and these charges are non-refundable.

Payments made in advance for terms other than the current or confirmed terms are refundable. Payment will be made as set out in the Refund policy above. The rule on current and confirmed terms applies to tuition and accommodation charges. All additional service charges (e.g. airport transfers, Kaplan Care Insurance, books and learning materials) are non-refundable.

For those students on Preparatory English for Graduate Diploma / Pre-Masters courses, if the student is unsuccessful in the Preparatory English part of the course, any amounts already paid for the Graduate Diploma / Pre-Masters course will be refunded. The refund is conditional on the student having completed the full programme of study on the Preparatory English course, attempted all required parts of the SELTS exams and having been unsuccessful in achieving the required SELTS grades for progression to the Graduate Diploma / Pre-Masters course.

Any refundable amount will be paid as set out below depending on the circumstances of the Student.



Refundable amount

Non-refundable amount*

Transferring to recognised UK education institution Tuition fees paid for any remaining terms will be transferred directly to institution on proof of unconditional offer for full-time course of study Tuition fees for previous, current and confirmed terms where applicable.
Returning to home country in extenuating circumstances, where withdrawal from the College has been approved at the College’s discretion Tuition fees paid for any remaining terms will be sent back in the form of an electronic bank transfer to the overseas bank account from where the original payment was received from on receipt of the stamped passport proving return to the student’s home country. Tuition fees for previous, current and confirmed terms where applicable.


Unused amounts

Any amounts carried forward and not applied in accordance with these terms and conditions will be forfeited to the College after one academic term of leaving the college. Application for refunds after leaving college must be received in writing to the College for the refund to be processed.


Books and learning materials

While material is provided to students throughout their course, Students will be required to purchase key books to support their learning. Where Kaplan prepared learning materials need to be purchased, these will be included in the amounts payable at the start of each term before the commencement or continuation of the course.


Additional services

Any additional services (travel, laundry, telephone costs, excursions, medical costs, special diet, and enrolment amendments) are not included in any fees unless specifically stated.


Data Protection

Students’ privacy is important to us. When students submit personal data to us, they are accepting the terms and conditions described in our privacy policy which can be found at www.kic.org.uk. The policy is deemed to be incorporated into these Terms and Conditions.


Health Declaration

Students must disclose on their application any mental or physical illness, allergy, disability or condition that may affect their ability to successfully complete their programme, impact the health and well-being of other students or staff members, require monitoring, treatment or emergency intervention of any kind during the student’s anticipated period of enrolment, or require special accommodation. Kaplan reserves the right to reject an applicant or terminate a Student’s enrolment in the programme if the Student’s continued participation represents a risk to their health and safety or to the health and safety of others, or if, notwithstanding reasonable accommodations, in the opinion of the College or Partner University, the Student’s physical or mental condition makes the Student unable or unlikely to successfully complete their programme.


Under 18 year olds

Students aged 16 or 17 years on the date they enrol with the College will be required to have a legal guardian, provide custodianship documents, live in Kaplan-approved accommodation and book Kaplan’s airport transfer service. The College will provide additional information to the parents or legal guardians advising the steps the College takes with regards to students under 18 years of age. The parents or legal guardians of a young person under the age of 18 will be required to sign and return this document to confirm receipt of the information contained herein.


In College procedures and processes


Rules and regulations

All Students agree to that they are subject to the rules and regulations governing the particular College and/or partner university location attended.


TIER 4 Immigration rules

For students requiring a Tier 4 visa, Kaplan will issue a Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (“CAS”) confirming the Student’s place on the course. A CAS is issued at Kaplan’s discretion, once a Student has provided evidence he or she meets the requirements of the UK Home Office. This letter is an essential part of the visa application for Students requiring Tier 4 visas.

Students are required to be eligible to study in the UK and ensure that they have leave to remain for the entire period of their study. Any student who does not fulfil this obligation will not be permitted to enrol and will be reported to the UK Home Office. Students are sponsored for the whole period of their Course as shown by the dates on their CAS. This includes examination and re-sit periods. Students must therefore remain within the location of the College and be prepared to report to and attend College whenever required.

Each Student requiring a CAS will be required to submit valid originals or copies of the documents below:

-           High school certificate/ attendance record, university certificate or other education results document; and

-           Proof of secure English Language test which meets our requirements (where applicable)

Students must have a current passport and valid student visa to complete enrolment. Kaplan will take a copy of the passport and visa at enrolment. Students are required to keep Kaplan informed, and provide proof, of their next of kin and current residential address. Students must also keep Kaplan informed of their telephone number and email contact at all times. Students must also maintain satisfactory academic progress as per the requirements of the UK Home Office.

Information collected by Kaplan which personally identifies a student and information regarding a student’s course progress may be shared with the UK Home Office, British government, designated authorities, students’ parents, Kaplan staff, partners and representatives. This information may include personal and contact details, course enrolment details and changes, and circumstances of any suspected breach by the student of any visa condition.

Under TIER 4 Immigration rules Kaplan will report to the UK Home Office in the following circumstances:

-           if the Student fails to enrol on the Course within the enrolment period

-           if the Student misses 10 expected contacts without Kaplan’s permission

-           if Kaplan stops being the Student’s immigration sponsor for any reason

-           if there are any significant changes in the Student’s circumstances, for example, if the length of course of study becomes shorter

-           if Kaplan has any suspicions that the Student is breaking any conditions attached to their permission


Late arrivals

Every Student should arrive on the published enrolment date. However the start date can be postponed up to the published last date of enrolment at Kaplan’s discretion. All delayed arrivals must be approved prior to arrival by Kaplan.



In cases when Students have paid the deposit or have accepted their offer but are unable to enrol on the desired date due to external events, they will have the option to defer the start of their Course up to a maximum of two occasions. If a Student defers more than two occasions, Kaplan has the right to forfeit the deposit.

Students must ensure that any request to defer is accompanied by a full explanation of the reasons for the request and is presented in writing to Kaplan at least four weeks before the Course start date. The request should include details of the Student’s preferred new start date for the Course.

All deferrals are subject to the availability of the requested chosen new Course start date at the time Kaplan receives the Student’s request to defer. Students may also be subject to new Course fees. On the basis that a new CAS will need to be issued if a request to defer is successful, the Student will charged a fee of £15.00.


Programme changes

Kaplan has the right to change Course start dates, Course curricula and tuition fees at any time due to errors, omissions and circumstances beyond our control. However, in cases where the Course is rescheduled prior to the start of the first Course and the new date is unacceptable to the Student, the Student will be subject to deferrals (see above). Kaplan also reserves the right to cancel Courses at short notice due to insufficient demand.


Classes missed

No refunds or substitutions will be made for classes missed due to exams, excursions, internships, first day orientation or other obligations that fall outside the normal schedule. We respect the different culture and faiths of our Students but Students should be aware that it is the policy of both Partner Universities and Kaplan that Students continue to attend classes during the period of any religious events, festival times and national New Year celebrations. Students are also expected to attend their classes to their daily schedule. The College cannot authorise absence for religious observance such as prayers and ceremonies.


Vacation and absences

If a Student begins his or her enrolment late or is absent during his or her Course, no refund will be made for the time missed. Periods of absence will not be made up with a free extension of the Course. Vacation dates are set and Students cannot make changes to these dates. Breaks taken at other times will be marked as periods of absence. For other Courses, granting of any session breaks after the Course has started will be at the discretion of individual Colleges and may incur an administration fee or be marked as a period of absence. A period of 10 consecutive absences for any Student will be reported to the UK Home Office.


Expulsion / suspension

Any student who commits a criminal or civil offence, provides false qualifications or other fraudulent documentation, violates the Student conduct code or College or Partner University policy, has his or her academic performance fall below the requirements of the UK Home Office or fails to pay an amount that he or she is directly or indirectly liable to pay Kaplan in order to undertake the Course, may be expelled or suspended. No refund will be given and the UK Home Office will be informed.


Academic Progression

In order to progress within the programme and to subsequent Courses, a Student will be required to meet prescribed academic attainment standards. Assessment will be throughout the term on an ongoing basis and this assessment will take into account coursework, attendance and examinations.

Students will only be eligible to sit the final examination for each module upon satisfactory performance and attendance and completion of all coursework. Students who have poor levels of attendance may not automatically be offered a place to progress to the chosen Partner University.

Students must also meet the minimum English Language requirement for entry into the relevant University degree course and any English language requirements to secure a visa to study in the UK.

If Students do not meet the stated exit requirements, they will not be allowed to proceed with their original Course but may be offered an alternative Course or required to withdraw from the College without refund. If the student successfully graduates to a Course at the University, they will be subject to the University’s Terms and Conditions.


University Placement Service / Student Placement Unit

All Students are guaranteed a place at University on successful completion of the KIC Award at the required level, if they attain the required attendance levels and meet the language level and requirements of renewing their visa in the UK. Personal data will be held on the UPS Online system. Students will need to agree to the terms and conditions relating to this system prior to usage.



Students are expected to attend 100% of their classes and tutorial sessions as failure to attend is likely to have a serious impact on their study performance and the ability to successfully complete their programme of study. Kaplan has an attendance policy and procedure where students may be expelled and will have to return home if they do not attend their classes.



No variation to these conditions is valid unless agreed in writing and signed by the College’s Director,  provided always that the College reserves the right to make any addition, amendment or alternation to these conditions upon giving one term’s written notice of such change to all affected Students, parents and guardians.

The College may by written notice vary conditions of enrolment with immediate effect as may be necessary to comply with any law, regulations or amendment thereof, of the Government of the United Kingdom.



Subject to the paragraph below, the liability of Kaplan, each College, their partners, their group companies, and their respective directors, officers, employees, affiliates, agents and partners with respect to losses, damages, injuries, illnesses or violations or otherwise is limited in all circumstances to the full amount paid to Kaplan or the relevant Kaplan group company by the relevant Student for the particular program. Such persons will in no circumstances have any liability for indirect or consequential losses or damages.

Nothing in this agreement shall limit Kaplan’s or the College’s liability in respect of fraud, death or personal injury resulting from Kaplan’s or College’s negligence, or any other matter where liability cannot be excluded or restricted by law.


Force majeure

It is a basic stipulation of the agreement/contract between students and Kaplan, each College, their affiliates or their representatives (collectively referred to as ‘Kaplan’), that Kaplan is not liable in cases where Kaplan is unable to fulfil any services to which they are contractually bound because of fire, natural disaster, act of government, failure of suppliers or subcontractors, labour disputes or other reasons which are beyond their control.


Governing Law

Students’ arrangements with the College are governed by English law (except at Glasgow International College where Scots law applies) and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of such courts.


Contracting Parties

The Kaplan group companies who operate the Colleges are as follows:

  • Glasgow International College – Kaplan Glasgow Limited (Reg No. SC312176)
  • BU International College – Kaplan Bournemouth Limited (Reg No.08291927)
  • Kaplan International College London – Kaplan International College London Limited (Reg No. 06533974)
  • Liverpool International College – Kaplan Liverpool Limited (Reg No. 06225445)
  • Nottingham Trent International College – Kaplan NT Limited (Reg No. 05281459)
  • Sheffield International College – Kaplan Sheffield Limited (Reg No. 05589519)
  • University of Brighton’s International College – Kaplan Brighton Limited (Reg No. 07331979)
  •  University of West England, Bristol’s International College – Kaplan UWE Limited (Reg No: 08102562)

Last updated: April 2014