Preparing for your studies at the International College doesn’t need to be a stressful experience. All of the information that you need to read before packing your suitcase and going to the airport is sent with your Certificate of Enrolment. Read it and follow the instructions carefully, to ensure that you are organised and ready to commence your studies in the UK.

Download the enrolment checklist (161 KB) Accommodation | Airport transfer dates | Induction and registration programme

GIC Pre-Arrival Guide pdf icon (2 MB) Immigration advice | Packing advice | Passing through the airport

The above enrolment checklist has been created to ensure that you do not forget anything. Print it out – it’s quick and easy to read.


In order to take full advantage of the registration and induction activities on offer at the college, it is strongly recommended to arrive on day one of registration week.

Kaplan Care insurance

Kaplan Care has been specifically designed by Kaplan International Colleges and Endsleigh to provide students at Glasgow International College with the correct level of insurance for their studies in the UK. Kaplan Care offers a number of key benefits to international students including but not limited to:

  • Course cancellation insurance
  • Medical insurance to cover expenses not already covered by the NHS
  • Cover for over 90 sports and activities
  • Leisure trips within Europe

Contact us to find out more about the Kaplan Care insurance packages.

Guide to Kaplan’s travel and medical insurance policy for international students  (252 KB)

Airport transfer to Glasgow International College

So that you can relax and look forward to your university preparation course at the College, our staff can arrange for your transfer to your accommodation. 

We will ensure quick transport straight to your accommodation with minimum stress.

Just arrive at Glasgow on one of the free transfer days and we will quickly transport you straight to your accommodation with minimum stress.

Autumn 2015 pre-arrival form

Spring 2016 pre-arrival form

Transfer from airport | Flight details | Free transfer dates

Settling in – student accommodation

We can help you move into your university-standard accommodation, helping you to settle into your new environment as quickly as possible. We can show you around your flat and even help carry your suitcase!

Autumn 2015 accommodation booking form

Spring 2016 accommodation booking form

Induction and orientation

University life is not just about academic studies, it is also about adjusting to student life and living independently. We will give you a thorough orientation at the College and the local area before your course starts.

  • Where is the best shop for specialist food near your accommodation?
  • How do you register with the local doctor and the police?

We can help you with these questions and more at the induction and orientation session