Prepare for a UK degree with Kaplan International Colleges

Kaplan International Colleges (KIC) works in partnership with leading universities to prepare international students for studying a bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate degree in the UK.

Our preparation courses equip students with the academic skills, key subject knowledge and English language ability to progress to one of our respected partner universities. Students benefit from small class sizes, academic and language support, one-to-one tutorials and dedicated pastoral support.

University foundation education: A network of international colleges

All university preparation courses are taught at one of our international colleges, usually located on a partner university campus. Our students have access to extensive university facilities and get the chance to experience UK university life before starting their degree. Most importantly, progression to a degree at the partner university is guaranteed if the student completes their preparation course to the required level.

Don’t delay! Start your UK bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree with Kaplan International Colleges!

Our colleges

We run international colleges in partnership with the following universities:

How Kaplan can help you to get a UK degree