Our college accommodation options offer you guaranteed benefits so that you can settle in and begin to enjoy student life right from day one.

All college accommodation rooms are complete with internet access and on arrival you will receive your very own KIC Starter Pack to meet all of your immediate needs. The pack contains all the essentials to start you off, so you won’t need to bring any furnishings from home!


Student accommodation

Accommodation booking steps

We will always try to place you in your first choice of accommodation, if available. Our accommodation is extremely popular and places are allocated on a first come, first served basis so we recommend you book as early as possible to have the best chance of getting the accommodation you require!

Accommodation booking procedures

Step 1

Complete the accommodation form, selecting an accommodation option with the correct contract length for the course you have been offered

  • Students on pre-sessional English courses should select a contract option suitable for a 3-term student.
  • You will be asked on your booking form to provide the name and contact information of a Guarantor for payment. A guarantor is someone who will become legally responsible for any outstanding payments related to your accommodation.

Please note: It will not be possible to change your contract length once you have booked and signed your tenancy agreement. It is therefore especially important that if you have gained an improved English score between receiving your acceptance and arriving, you should inform us of this before you arrive.

Step 2

Once you have completed and returned your accommodation booking form, you will receive information on the room you have been allocated by e-mail, along with a tenancy agreement and information on payment. You and your guarantor must return the signed tenancy agreement to the College and pay the required first rent instalment within 1 week in order to secure your room.

Please note: you will not be able to gain access to their room until we have a copy of your signed tenancy agreement and have received your first payment.

Step 3

You must confirm your arrival details to the College before the accommodation confirmation date stated on the tenancy agreement. When you do confirm your arrival details, you will then be offered the next available room.

Paying for accommodation

Payment for accommodation is structured as below

Students Payment pre-arrival       (including £250 deposit) Payment on arrival at College Payment before start of Term 2
One-term £1,000 Remainder of the contract price N/A
Two-term £1,000 Remainder of the contract price N/A
Preparatory English and three-term £1,000 Remainder of the contract price divided by 1.5 Amount remaining of the contract price after first two instalments
  1. A deposit of £250 GBP will be added to the payment required to secure the accommodation. This will be returned to you at the end of your tenancy unless your room is left in an unsatisfactory condition, there are damages to their room, or there are outstanding payments on your account.
  2. Payments on booking to secure the room can be made by bank transfer, with evidence of payment included with the signed tenancy agreement returned to the College. You can also pay this by credit card by completing the Credit Card Authorisation Form Adobe pdf_icon (127 KB) and sending it to your college. It is essential payment is received by the College before arrival as you will not be able to gain access to their room if payment has not been received.
  3. Further payments can be made by bankers draft (payable to the College), by credit card at the college (subject to a £30 handling fee), debit card or by bank transfer. View our payment information.
  4. In the event that you do not obtain a student visa, all accommodation fees paid will be refunded in full on production of documentary evidence of the refusal.
  5. Students under the age of 18 years old on arrival, may be requested to pay their full accommodation fees in advance.

Confirming your arrival

You can confirm your arrival using the Arrivals Form. Airport transfer services are available from Manchester International Airport.

During the busy arrivals in September and January, SIC provide a free coach transfer service for students arriving on specified days to Manchester Airport.

We always recommend that students time their arrival at their hall of residence where possible during office hours (generally 09:00am to 17:00pm), to ensure a smooth check in and speedy access to your room!

The accommodation confirmation date

In order to ensure we have accommodation available for all students who require it on arrival, we have an accommodation confirmation date for each intake. This will usually be the day before accommodation tenancies are due to start.

This is when all students who have booked rooms to date should have confirmed their arrival. If you have not confirmed your arrival by this date, your tenancy may be cancelled and your room may be made available for other students to book. The College will only do this if there is a limited number of rooms available to book.

If this does happen and your tenancy is cancelled, you will be offered the next available room once you have confirmed your arrival date. If you decide to reject this room, your first instalment will be refunded, minus your deposit which will be retained as an administration fee.

Late bookings

If you do not book accommodation in advance and wait until your visa has been issued until you inform us of your arrival and book your accommodation, you should leave a minimum 5 days between informing us of your arrival date and accommodation requirements and actually arriving in the UK. This is to allow us enough time for the processing of the booking, signing and returning tenancies and making the necessary payments to enter your accommodation.

If you arrive in the UK and have not booked any accommodation, you should attend the College no later than 12:00 GMT on your day of arrival (we are open Monday to Friday from 08:45) to allow for enough time to complete the necessary administration and payments. Students who cannot meet this requirement will be directed to local hotels.

KIC starter pack

What’s in my starter pack?

To make your move as organised as possible we have created the Starter Pack, it comes complete with every item that you will need to settle into your new accommodation as quickly and smoothly as possible. The pack is included in the price of your accommodation, and will be waiting for you in your room when you arrive.

Included in the KIC starter pack
Bedding Cooking equipment Tableware Plus
  • Double duvet (10.5 Tog) & 1 pillow
  • Bed linen – duvet cover, pillowcase, 3/4 fitted sheet
  • Large stainless steel frying pan (24cm)
  • Stainless steel saucepan (18cm)
  • Tin opener
  • Solid nylon spoon
  • Slotted nylon spoon
  • Slotted nylon turner
  • Nylon ladle
  • Vegetable peeler
  • Plastic colander
  • Dinner plate
  • Side plate
  • Cereal bowl
  • Mug
  • Glass tumbler
  • Cutlery (fork and spoon only)
  • Toilet roll
  • Welcome toiletries pack (including miniature bath & shower gel, hand & body lotion, shampoo/conditioner, and soap in a sealable pouch)
  • Small hand towel

Halls of Residence

Students at Sheffield International College can live in some of the most modern, high quality residences in the city.


  • Convenient: The halls of residence are less than 15 minutes walk to the College
  • Modern: The halls were built less than five years ago
  • All rooms are ensuite (with private bathroom)
  • Good value: The quality residence rooms cost £95-£115 per week and the contract length matches the length of the courses
  • Safe: The halls have 24 hour security, cameras and swipe card access
  • Sociable: Living with other students and sharing a kitchen is a great way to make friends

For all these reasons, we recommend that you accept a room in halls.

Why choose to stay in one of our college accommodation options?

Our college accommodation is:

  • In a prime location to travel to the College and to explore Sheffield
  • Both safe and secure
  • Private. All rooms are single occupancy
  • All inclusive, there are no extra expenses for limitless electricity and heating usage
  • A bargain with FREE internet access!
  • Serviced with 24 -7 maintenance support
  • Stress-free and organised – you will receive your complete KIC starter pack when you arrive.