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Enhanced University Preparation course

The Enhanced University Preparation course is designed to improve your study skills and help you reach your greatest potential across all areas of your course.

What does it involve?
An Enhanced University Preparation course is essentially an extra term added to the start of your chosen two-term course.

The main purpose of the first term is to allow you time to settle into life in the UK and familiarise yourself with the English education system. The term will focus primarily on improving your skills in goal setting, independent learning, research preparation, time management, exam techniques and personal development.

After completing this first term you will then begin your two-term Graduate Diploma course or Foundation certificate. After successfully completing the course to the required level you will progress on to the University with the best possible preparation.

What are the benefits for you?

  • There are no exams in the first term, giving you flexibility on when you can enrol at KIC London – a great relief if your student visa, academic results or SELT results are taking longer than expected to come through!
  • You will benefit from maximum exposure to the British education system, with emphasis on English language, study and subject skills, as well as on your personal development. This will improve your chance of successfully completing your degree at the University of Westminster.

How do I qualify for this course?

  • For a Foundation Certificate course: You will need a minimum IELTS (or equivalent Secure English Language test) score of 5.5 with no less than 4.5 in any skill.
  • For a Graduate Diploma course: You will need a minimum IELTS (or equivalent Secure English Language test) score of 5.5 with no less than 5.5 in any skill.