Foundation Certificate course structure

Academic skills modules

You will study language and academic skills modules that will help you develop transferable abilities such as delivering oral presentations, essay writing and working in a team.

Subject modules

Subject-specific modules will provide you with basic knowledge of your chosen area of study, so that you’re able to progress to more specialised studies later.

Academic and language support

Academic and language support is also provided throughout all Foundation Certificate courses at Bournemouth University International College to help you reach your academic and English language goals, and progress to university successfully.

Foundation Certificate courses

Business, Law or Finance

A quality course that teaches a range of academic skills and subject-related modules that include economics, statistics and accountancy.


The Foundation Certificate for Computing teaches students a broad range of computing knowledge and skills needed for undergraduate study.

Media and Communications

Develop a broad base of knowledge and skills in preparation for entry to a media - and / or communications-related undergraduate degree.

Tourism and Hospitality Management

Acquire a broad base of knowledge in topics related to the fields of tourism and hospitality management.

Multi-Progression Pathway (MPP)

Students on the Multi-Progression Pathway are eligible for progression to a wide range of undergraduate degrees at prestigious universities across the UK.

Term dates

Find out the enrolment and teaching start dates for your Foundation Certificate course.