Develop a broad base of knowledge and skills in preparation for entry onto a media and/or communications-related undergraduate degree.

Completion of the Foundation Certificate for Media and Communications course to the required level, provides guaranteed admission to a range of courses at Bournemouth University.

The Foundation Certificate for Media and Communications equips international students with the skills and knowledge to progress to undergraduate degrees in Media and Communications at Bournemouth University.

You will develop and demonstrate knowledge, understanding and skills in a variety of areas:

  • Understand the appropriate research methods and theoretical models for studying images and language to reveal the various ways in which meaning is produced in texts.
  • Understand the structure of the press and broadcasting and to evaluate the effectiveness of past and present audience research.
  • Critically account for the effect of media and communications as a factor of globalisation.
  • Describe imagery and texts used in a range of media combining visuals and language.
  • Analyse messages communicated by media combining visuals and language.
  • Demonstrate an awareness of how context can change the interpretation of media.
  • Describe the principles of information presentation.
  • Discuss the history of information communication and the media.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of selected media case studies.
  • Describe the principles of human audio-visual perception with reference to the physiology and physical mechanisms of vision and hearing.
  • Explain the basic principles of how digital images and sounds are generated and reproduced.
  • Discuss the development of the Internet and evaluate the effectiveness of Internet-based information presentations.

Term dates

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English language requirements

  • You will need to show proof of your English language ability by taking a UKVI approved IELTS (International English Language Testing System) exam.
  • Students with an IELTS of 5.0 will take the three-term course, with academic and language support integrated throughout the course.
  • Students with an IELTS of at least 5.5 can choose to do the course over two- or three-term enhancement course.
  • Students who have at least IELTS 4.0 in all skills will benefit from the academic and language support which is integrated into all courses at the International College.

Academic and language support

The International College also offers academic and language support as part of its university preparation courses for students who need support improving their English language skills.

The Foundation Certificate for Media and Communications consists of seven credit-bearing modules. All modules are specifically designed to meet the needs of international students looking to study in the UK.

You will cover key academic skills (that includes research, writing, presentation and analysis), and subject-specific modules that include core subjects in your area of study, and specialised modules that are central to your chosen undergraduate degree course.

Academic modules
Subject-specific modules
Common core modulesLanguage for Study 2
Language for Study 3
Skills for Study 1
Skills for Study 2
Skills for Study 3
1. Introduction to Multimedia and Communication
2. Introduction to Media and Communication Studies
3. Interpreting Visual Culture
4. Introduction to Audio visual Media and Technology
Extra core module (Language)Language for Study 1
Extra core module (Enhancement)Module (Enhancement)
Basic Computing Skills
Personal Development and Pre-study Skills
Introduction to British Society and Culture

Your progression to a Bournemouth University degree

Foundation Certificate for Media and Communications offers progression to a range of related degree subjects:

Advertising BA (Hons)
Communication and Media BA (Hons)
Film BA (Hons)
Marketing BSc (Hons)
Marketing Communications BA (Hons)
Media Production BA (Hons)
Multimedia Journalism BA (Hons)
Politics BA (Hons)
Public Relations BA (Hons)
Scriptwriting for Film and Television BA (Hons)
Sociology and Anthropology BA (Hons)
Sociology and Criminology BA (Hons)
Sociology BA (Hons)
Television Production BA (Hons)

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