This course is built around the latest developments and theories in the tourism and hospitality sector, with modules that include Economics in an International Context, and Tourism and Hospitality Management.

Completion of the Foundation Certificate for Tourism and Hospitality Management course to the required level, provides guaranteed admission to a range of courses at Bournemouth University.

The Foundation Certificate for Tourism and Hospitality Management equips you with a range of subject-related knowledge and skills needed to achieve success in undergraduate degrees related to tourism and hospitality.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand how the theories of absolute and comparative advantage underpin international trade and how exchange rates are determined through international trade
  • Distinguish between different market structures and how these impact on the decisions made by individual firms and the effect on consumers
  • Demonstrate understanding of culture within the business enterprise
  • Explain how specific elements such as Human Resources, finance and innovation enable a business enterprise
  • Recognise and define major tourism and hospitality terminology
  • Discuss the history and the development of the tourism industry by identifying and analysing world tourism trends
  • Recognise some of the socio-cultural and economic effects of tourism and explain some of the impacts tourism has on the physical environment.

Term dates

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English language requirements

  • You will need to show proof of your English language ability by taking a UKVI approved IELTS (International English Language Testing System) exam.
  • Students with an IELTS of 5.0 will take the three-term course, with academic and language support integrated throughout the course.
  • Students with an IELTS of at least 5.5 can choose to do the course over two- or three-term enhancement course.
  • Students who have at least IELTS 4.0 in all skills will benefit from the academic and language support which is integrated into all courses at the International College.

Academic and language support

The International College also offers academic and language support as part of its university preparation courses for students who need support improving their English language skills.

The Foundation Certificate for Tourism and Hospitality Management consists of seven credit-bearing modules. All modules are specifically designed to meet the needs of international students looking to study in the UK.

You will cover key academic skills (that includes research, writing, presentation and analysis), and subject-specific modules that include core subjects in your area of study, and specialised modules that are central to your chosen undergraduate degree course.

Academic modules
Subject-specific modules
Common core modulesLanguage for Study 2
Language for Study 3
Skills for Study 1
Skills for Study 2
Skills for Study 3
1. Economics in an International Context
2. Business and the Business Environment
3. Business Enterprise
4. Tourism and Hospitality Management
Extra core module (Language)Language for Study 1
Extra core module (Enhancement)Basic Computing Skills
Personal Development and Pre-study Skills
Introduction to British Society and Culture

Your progression to a Bournemouth University degree

The Foundation Certificate for Tourism and Hospitality Management offers progression to a range of related degree subjects:

Advertising BA (Hons)
Events and Leisure Marketing BA (Hons)
Events Management BA (Hons)
International Hospitality Management BA (Hons)
Marketing BSc (Hons)
Marketing Communications BA (Hons)
Public Relations BA (Hons)
Retail Management BA (Hons)
Sports Management BSc (Hons)
Tourism Management BA (Hons)

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