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University of Brighton International College offers university preparation for international students. Successful completion of your course guarantees your progression to an undergraduate or postgraduate degree at the University.

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Our high-quality preparation courses prepare international students for a wide range of degrees at undergraduate and postgraduate level at the University.

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Why study in Brighton?

International students who choose the University of Brighton for their UK degree can make great friends and have fun while they explore a beautiful part of the UK! Studying at the International College is the perfect way to prepare for your degree course at the University of Brighton!

I chose to study in the UK because the people are very welcoming and it is fun to study here. Last but not least, their degrees are highly recognised worldwide. Brighton is a great location and is a peaceful place to study.

Oedel Nsiela, Congo

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Talk to the Brighton Language Institute if you already meet the University’s academic entry requirements and just want to improve your English language skills for entry to university.

University of Brighton International College (an affiliated college of the University of Brighton) is a trading name of Kaplan Brighton Limited (registered number 07331979) whose registered office is at 2nd Floor Warwick Building, Kensington Village, Avonmore Road, London W14 8HQ.

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