Foundation Certificate in Business

Subject outline

All Foundation Certificate courses at Glasgow International College contain two elements:

Academic skills modules
On your foundation Business course you will develop key academic skills including research, writing, presentation and analysis.

Subject modules
During your foundation course you will cover core subjects of your chosen area of study, such as Comparative Politics and the Principles of Economics. Following this, you will progress to more specialised studies that focus on the topics and skills needed most in your chosen undergraduate degree course.

All modules are specifically designed to meet the needs of Foundation Business-level international students. The Business Foundation Certificate is taught specifically with your progression to the University of Glasgow in mind.

Academic and language support

The Foundation Certificate in Business includes academic and language support to help you improve your English language skills and obtain the required level to progress to university.

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Progression to the University of Glasgow

The foundation certificate is equivalent to Year 1 of an undergraduate degree course at the University of Glasgow.

Upon successful completion of the Foundation Certificate in Business, you can progress to year 2 of a select group of undergraduate degrees at the University.

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Subject modules

Course outline (2 term*)

Two core academic skills modules:

  • Skills for study 1 and 2

Two core English language modules:

  • Language for Study 2 and 3

Four core subject modules:

  • Introduction to Social Science
  • Comparative Politics
  • Principles of Economics
  • The International Economy

Two business pathway modules:

  • Fundamentals of Marketing
  • Fundamentals of Organisational Behaviour

* 3-term courses contain additional English language modules.

Start date

We have various start dates throughout spring, summer and autumn. For information on later term dates, please contact one of our education advisers.
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Course length

Courses start at 2 terms, and can go up to 4 terms depending on your academic and English needs.

Academic entry requirements

Entry to the Foundation Certificate requires you to have passed Grade 12 (or equivalent).

English language entry requirements

You will need to show proof of your English language ability by taking an IELTS (International English Language Testing System) exam.

UK universities demand a very high level of English from all international students. Our university preparation courses are integrated with academic and language support to help you improve your English language skills and progress to university successfully.