Pre-Master’s for Business, Social Sciences and Law

The Pre-Master’s for Business, Social Sciences and Law prepares you for a postgraduate degree at the University of Glasgow. As well as advanced level English and study skills, the course provides an intensive education in of one of the following pathways:

  • Business and Marketing
  • Economics, Accounting and Finance
  • Social Sciences
  • Law

You will need to have completed a minimum of three years of higher education to study the Pre-Masters course.

If you are applying to the MBA, you will also need three years of managerial or supervisory work experience.

Academic and language support is integrated into the course.

The Pre-Master’s will introduce you to your chosen path of either a graduate law education, or an education in business or comprehensive studies in the social sciences. Once you have achieved the level noted in your offer letter, your admission into a masters degree in a related subject area is guaranteed.

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One core culture module:

  • Aspects of British Society and Culture

Three core academic skills modules:

  • Skills for Study 1, 2 and 3

Two core English language modules:

  • Language for study 2 and 3

Three core subject modules

  • Contemporary Organisational Behaviour or Social Science Principles
  • Research Design and Critique
  • Research Project
  • Social Science Principles

You will also take one pathway module (depending on your eventual progression choice) and three English language modules

Business and management pathway module

  • Global Corporate Marketing Strategies

Economics, accounting and finance pathway module

  • Economics and Finance

Law pathway module

  • Introduction to Scottish, European and International Law

Social sciences pathway module

  • European Liberal Democracy

* 3 term courses contain additional English language modules.

Key course facts

Start dates

We have various start dates throughout spring, summer and autumn. For information on later term dates, please contact one of our education advisers.
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Course length

Courses start at 2 terms, and can go up to 4 terms depending on your academic and English needs.

Academic entry requirements

Entry to study a Pre-Master’s requires you to have at least three years of higher education, equivalent to a UK Ordinary degree.

Contact us for more information.

English language entry requirements

You will need to show proof of your English language ability by taking an IELTS (International English Language Testing System) exam.

UKVI regulations stipulate that all students must meet the minimum English requirements for postgraduate study in the UK. Our university preparation courses are integrated with academic and language support to help you improve your English language skills and progress to university successfully.

Student story

Glasgow student, Preetika, studied the Pre-Masters in Business, Social Sciences and Law

“I chose to study in the UK because it has a great quality of education and international recognition which is something that is important to me. But I wanted to study at GIC in particular because of the guaranteed progression to Glasgow University (GU) on successful application.

I am studying the Pre- Master’s in Business, Law and Social Science and so far I have learnt a lot of academic skills, most I don’t think I could have coped without on direct entry to university. Term 2, I believe focuses more on business and my progression to GU. I am looking forward to gaining valuable knowledge in these next few months.

Being at GIC has been amazing. I have met students from so many different nationalities which has given me a wider outlook on life and has made me much more cultured. Also having access to facilities such as the library, gym and the unions gives you more opportunities to meet other people. But what has made the GIC experience better was the fact that it is located on the university campus which gives us a sense of university life.

Although I miss life back in India, I’m enjoying life in the UK immensely, mostly because this is my first time away from home and I am glad I chose to study in Glasgow. I love this city and it’s so beautiful. The people are so friendly and welcoming, you will never get bored. This time away from home and studying at GIC has definitely changed me as a person. I have become more responsible and I’m enjoying my studies so much.

Although there is a lot of work pressure as a two-term student, it prepares you well for masters at GU. I think I’ll perform much better as I won’t have to waste any time adjusting to the British higher education system and I can focus much more on my studies instead of academic skills. I say this all the time; I do not know how students with direct entry to university manage. All the skills I have learnt at GIC are crucial to a successful degree at the university. I can’t wait to get in to GU and use all the skills I have learnt at GIC. ”

Preetika Gosh is from India and studied the Pre-Master’s for Business, Social Sciences and Law at Glasgow International College