Your tuition fees

The following tables outline the total tuition fees for Glasgow International College courses.

Please note: Your College tuition fees are subject to change, please see Terms and conditions for more details. Living costs are not included in your tuition fees. The British Council provides extensive information about living costs on the Education UK – Living Costs website

2016-17 Tuition fees

Course* Length Tuition fee
Foundation Certificate in:
  • Business
  • Social Sciences
2 terms £13,900
3 terms £14,700
4 terms £19,442
Foundation Certificates in:
  • Science
  • Engineering
2 terms £14,700
3 terms £15,540
4 terms £20,300
Pre-Master’s for:
  • Business, Law and Social Sciences
  • Science and Engineering
2 terms £15,360
3 terms £17,175
4 terms £21,910

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