Pre-Master’s in Business, Law and Social Sciences

Our Pre-Master’s in Business, Law and Social Sciences prepares our international students for a postgraduate degree course at the University of Liverpool.

During your stay abroad this course will provide you with intensive integrated academic studies in business, law or social sciences; as well as advanced level English skills; and high-level study skills. Choose from modules that cover the scope of global marketing strategies, European and international law theory, and social science principles.

Academic and language support is also provided throughout the Pre-Master’s course to help you reach your academic and English language goals, and progress to university.

In general, before you study our Pre-Master’s abroad students will need to have completed a minimum of three years of higher education.

Guaranteed entry to the University of Liverpool

You choose the academic direction that you want to pursue – either law, social sciences or the business Pre-Master’s. Students that complete their Pre-Master’s course to the level noted in their offer letter are guaranteed admission on to a postgraduate degree in a related subject area at the University of Liverpool.

Subject Modules

Core modules:

  • Skills for Study 1, 2 and 3
  • Language for Study 2 and 3*
  • Aspects of British Society and Culture
  • Research Design and Culture
  • Research Design and Critique
  • Research Project

* Three-term students will also take Language for Study 1 and additional hours of study for Language for Study 2 and 3.

Business Pathway modules

  • Global Corporate Marketing Strategies
  • Theory and practice of Strategic Management

Law Pathway modules

  • Introduction to English, European and International Law
  • Social Science Principles

Social Sciences Pathway modules

  • European Liberal Democracy
  • Social Science Principles