Foundation Certificate in Media and Communications

This Foundation course offers excellent preparation for an undergraduate degree in the fields of Media, Journalism and Communications. The Foundation Certificate teaches students a broad range of skills and knowledge that will help them settle into their future studies at Nottingham Trent University.

Subject outline

All of our Foundation courses at Nottingham Trent International College contain the following elements:

  • Academic skills modules
  • Subject modules

Academic and language support is also provided throughout the course.

Start dates

See key dates for this course.

Academic skills modules

These modules help to develop key academic skills in research, writing, presentation and analysis.

Subject modules

Subject modules cover the basics of your chosen area of study so that you have the knowledge you need to progress to the University. Once you have completed your Foundation course you will progress to a more specialised study that focuses on the topics and skills you will need in your chosen undergraduate degree.

All modules are designed to meet the needs of international students and provide every opportunity to progress to Nottingham Trent University.

Progress to Nottingham Trent University

On successful completion of the Foundation Certificate in Media and Communications you are guaranteed progression to Year 1 of a Nottingham Trent University degree.

Subject modules – Media and Communications foundation

Two and three-term core modules

  • Skills for Study 1, 2 and 3
  • Language for Study 2 and 3*
  • Introduction to AV Media and Technology
  • Introduction to Media and Communications Studies
  • Introduction to Multimedia and Communication
  • Interpreting Visual Culture

Three-term (Enhancement) extra modules

  • Personal Development and Pre-Study Skills
  • Introduction to British Society and Culture
  • Preparatory Mathematics and Information Communication Technology

Three-term (Language) extra modules

  • Language for Study 1

* Three-term students will also take Language for Study 1 and additional hours for Language for Study 2 and 3.