Pre-Master’s for Psychology and Public Health

The Pre-Master’s for Psychology and Public Health offers guaranteed progression to a postgraduate course at Nottingham Trent University’s School of Social Sciences. Varied and challenging, the course will build on your existing studies by providing you with advanced level English and UK study skills. This is excellent preparation for studying at a UK university.

Academic and language support is also provided throughout the course.

Start dates

See key dates for this course.

Subject outline

Our Pre-Master’s course provides psychology students with a comprehensive and well-rounded education. The course is made up of the following elements:

Core modules
Develops core academic skills for advanced research techniques, writing and analysis.

Core subject modules

Develops the core knowledge of a particular field of study on our courses.

Pathway modules

Develops the knowledge that you will need most in your chosen postgraduate degree course.

All modules are taught with your progression to Nottingham Trent University in mind.

Progress to Nottingham Trent University

Successful completion of our Pre-Master’s course guarantees your progression to a Nottingham Trent University postgraduate degree.

Course outline

Course modules:

Two and three-term core modules

  • Skills for Study 1, 2 and 3
  • Language for Study 2 and 3*
  • Social Science Principles
  • Research Design and Critique
  • European Democracy
  • Research Project

*Three-term students will also take Language for Study 1