Study at Bournemouth University

Bournemouth University has a reputation for delivering courses that boost students’ employment prospects in the international jobs market.
The University offers a wide range of high-quality undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses, as well as up-to-date study facilities. It also maintains close links with many well-known employers, running placement schemes with international and local companies that prepare students for the world of work.

Bournemouth University International College runs courses that provide excellent preparation for studying at Bournemouth University. The College’s strong links with the university means that international students can benefit from access to excellent campus facilities while studying a Foundation Certificate, Pre-Master’s or International Year One course at the College.



Foundation Certificates
On successful completion of a Foundation Certificate students can enter year one of an undergraduate degree at Bournemouth University.

International Year One courses
This course offers international students high-quality preparation for a UK undergraduate degrees, leading to entry to year two of an undergraduate degree.

Pre-Master’s courses
Our range of flexible Pre-Master’s programmes enables students to develop the English language, study skills and specialist knowledge needed to succeed in a chosen MBA or master’s degree. Once successfully completed, students can progress to Bournemouth University.

Pre-Sessional English for University Study Programme (PSEUSP)
Students who hold a conditional or unconditional offer for Bournemouth University and require extra language tuition, can study one of the courses within this programme. The PSEUP is designed to help improve students’ English language and academic study skills so they can achieve the required level needed to progress to their chosen programme at Bournemouth University.

Pre-Sessional English with Study Skills and Pre-Sessional English (Fast-Track)
If you have an offer from Bournemouth University which is conditional on your English language ability, then you can gain entry to the University by achieving the required level in a Pre-Sessional English with Study Skills or a Pre-Sessional English (Fast-Track) course. These courses are within the PSEUSP.

Our Pre-Sessional English (Fast-Track) course can increase your equivalent IELTS score by 1.0 to 12 weeks or by 0.5 in six weeks, while the Study Skills option provides all-round university preparation if you have more time to improve your English.

Bachelor’s Enhancement Programme
A course within the PSEUSP, the Bachelor’s Enhancement Programme (BEP) is available to students who hold an unconditional offer to study an undergraduate degree at the University. The BEP helps students to improve their academic skills, practise their English language ability, and also learn about living and studying in Bournemouth and the UK before starting their bachelor’s degree. Programme lengths and dates vary depending on students’ abilities and availability.

Master’s Enhancement Programme
A course within the PSEUSP, the Bachelor’s Enhancement Programme (MEP) is available to students who hold an unconditional offer to study a postgraduate degree at the University. The MEP helps students to improve their academic skills and English language ability, as well as learn about living and studying in Bournemouth and the UK before starting their master’s degree. Programme lengths and dates vary depending on students’ abilities and availability.

Academic and language support
All courses at the College incorporate academic and language support to help improve your English language skills and deepen your subject understanding.

International Recognition

Bournemouth University (BU) has a growing international reputation:

  • Ranked in the Top 500 universities in the world
  • Ranked in the Top 200 most international universities in the world
  • Ranked in the list of the world’s best 150 universities under 50 years old


  • 96% of BU research rated as internationally recognised or higher, with 18% ranked as world-leading
  • BU is ranked in the top 200 universities in the world for Media & Communications


  • We have more students on work placements than any other university in Great Britain
  • Every Bachelor’s degree student has the opportunity to undertake a work placement as part of their course
  • 93% of our undergraduate graduates are employed or in further study within six months of graduating
  • BU graduates have won Oscars for films including Ex Machina, Interstellar and Inception

Outstanding new college and accommodation

  • Tony Joyce

    Tony Joyce
    Programme Leader

    “I look after our teaching team and help students to be successful in their studies. I also enjoy teaching our mathematics modules when time permits!”

  • Sonia Luczynska

    Sonia Luczynska
    Operations and Student Services Manager

    “I look after students throughout their journey with the course at the college and beyond, when they progress to university. Students come to see me regarding any questions or issues they have about their live in the UK – this includes all welfare issues, visa advice, finance checks.”

  • Susan De Hoogh

    Susan De Hoogh
    Student Services Administrator

    “I arrange accommodation and airport transfers for students. I also plan the induction week and organise social activities.”

  • Paulina Bohdanowicz

    Paulina Bohdanowicz
    Student Services Administrator

    “My main responsibilities include supporting students with visa applications and queries, and helping them with IELTS exam booking process. I really enjoy my role at the college and the fact that I can pass on my knowledge in order to help students from all over the world makes my position very rewarding.”

  • Trevor Herndon

    Trevor Herndon
    English Language Coordinator

    “I oversee the Pre-Sessional English and Preparatory English programmes as well as the Skills for Study and Language for Study modules. I also teach Skills for Study to help ensure that the content on this module in particular will help students with their subject courses and prepare them for their further study at Bournemouth University.”

  • Julie Phillips

    Julie Phillips
    Director of Studies

    “I am director of studies at Bournemouth University International College, so I work with my colleagues to make sure our courses are of a very high standard and develop them to make them the best preparation a student can have for University.”

  • Electra Lamaj

    Electra Lamaj
    Academic Administrator

    “I provide administrative support in both academic and quality assurance areas. My main responsibilities include the administration of examination and attendance procedures, as well as the production and collation of students’ academic results, transcripts and timetabling.”

  • Giuseppe Arnone

    Giuseppe Arnone
    Subject Leader

    “I am the subject leader for business here at Bournemouth University International College. I oversee all the business modules, as well as marketing and tourism. I also teach English language and advise students on their IELTS strategy.”

  • Noora Alderazi

    Noora Alderazi
    Academic Administrator Assistant

    “I help students by answering their enquiries, producing their timetables, results and transcripts, as well as updating and developing the students’ data management system.”

  • Sandra Celemin

    Sandra Celemin
    Communication and Progression Coordinator

    “I follow up our students’ university enrolment process, academic performance and development to guarantee progress into Bournemouth University.”

  • Rachel Woodward Carrick

    Rachel Woodward Carrick
    College Director

    “As director I enjoy welcoming new students into the college and sharing with them some of my tips for what makes a successful learner. These are based on my many years of experience working with international students not only in the UK, but in many other countries around the world. What I particularly like about working here is that we get to know all our students as individuals and can provide the tailored support they need. Also, we have an exceptional nationality mix which means that students have a real reason to use English to communicate - all day, everyday. I greatly look forward to seeing you here in Bournemouth.”